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KCON Pre CON: Getting There, Beaches and Foods

It was a bumpy ride getting to KCONLA, but everything was worth it in the end. the sigh of relief once you step through that security line is EVERYTHING. I’m going to tell you ALL about it! So come with me and cry, laugh, cry some more and clutch your pearls along with me on this adventure

So, it was Tuesday. Very early, my sister comes to pick me up and drop me off at the airport. I have purchased a larger suitcase solely for the purpose of stuffing it silly with souvenirs, but also safeguarding my shit because last time I went to Virginia, the people tossing around the luggage tore a hole in my duffel suitcase and now I can’t really use one of the top pockets. I mean I could, but it’s a pretty good sized hole, I used to use that pocket for my liquid stuff. Not anymore.

Anyway, I got there, The lady for the bus station part of the airport put a new tag on (I’ve never had that happen) but she just said it was a security measure. Me and two other people were boarding this bus this morning. I had my trusty folder with all my tickets in it, printed and at the ready. All my luggage and medication was accounted for, I was ready to go.

The bus comes, we’re off without a hitch. It’s boring, but it’s cheap. The bus ride, with my student discount, I want to say was $30 for one way to the Minneapolis airport. From there I would take a plane to LAX. That is, IF things had panned out.

But they did not, fair reader. They did not. Some time around Ames, our bus broke down. For about an hour. I panicked. Panicked so much. What the fuck would I do if I missed the plane? How much would a Lyft cost from here? (Roughly $125 btw I checked at the time) so all we could do was wait.

The bus eventually headed out again, but to the bus depot. We switched buses, headed to our destinations, but by the time we got there, I had missed my second bus…time for a Lyft. The anxiety was REAL, and I was NOT liking it. But my Lyft driver was nice, level headed. He got me to the airport on time.

Then it began. TSA. I haven’t written about me coming back from KCON NY. Okay. I really have to do a KCON NY write up but for real, Me and my friend woke up late. We didn’t really go to bed that late, but we must have been fatigued as shit. I didn’t hear ANY of my alarms. We sped to the airport, I told the dude, just put me on a later flight. He’s like, ‘nah, you’ll make it,’ TAKES MY LUGGAGE, SENDS IT TO MINNESOTA, AND SENDS MY IOWANIAN ASS TO TSA. I’m on the phone in the TSA line like, ‘girl, do not abandon me, I have a bad feeling about this,’ I’m going through TSA, TWO PEOPLE CUT IN FRONT OF ME, WHILE I’M TAKING MY SHOES OFF. ‘Ah nah, it’s okay, you can go head.’ BITCH NO YOU CAN’T. I run my ass down that hallway and get to my area, AS THE DOORS CLOSE.

So Delta Karen and I get me a plane ticket for the next morning. Mind you this is like at 7 am. And I spend an extra day in Virginia. ‘Sick.’ And that’s my KCON NY not-getting-home-on-time-story.

Back to LA. My ass has my shoes off, laptop pulled out before I get to the bins, but the scanner didn’t recognize my laptop so it has to go through, AGAIN, and then I run to the bathroom, I run to my area, and THEN I relax. Because me and airports aren’t friends. I’m starting to wonder if Minneapolis has it out for me. But it has a Dunkin Donuts uwu.


Which I didn’t get any of. Instead, I opted for a cannoli and tea, because I sat down at my terminal and refused to move. The tea was meh until I shoved all my citrus fruit in it.

Once I got on the plane, I watched a movie called, ‘The Little Forest,’ which you can watch on DramaFever, I didn’t know that. I watched most of it on the plane, but didn’t finish it until I was on my way home from Cali. I watched something else beforehand I think…can’t remember right now. But it’s a really good, simple movie with tons of food porn shots.

Once I got to LA, I had the distinct displeasure of finding my way to my Lyft, at one point I’m like, ‘just go on without me,’ but she stuck it out and finally took me to me friend’s house (success!). Such patience. That multilevel bullshit, I swear. I’m gone one year and it get’s 1000x’s more confusing.

Anyway, It took almost two and a half hours because of traffic, but I finally made it to my friend Miriam’s house! When I got there, I unpacked, and then headed to the Filipino restaurant around the corner.

This was and adventure in and of itself. So I walk to the restaurant, and it’s packed. Half the restaurant is so full and loud, there is what looks to be a buffet, but I ignore it. Though, a little girl did run up and hug my leg. That happens every time I come to California. Every time. At least one restaurant visit. Such odd. Much cute.

Anywhoodle-doodle-poodle, there’s a couple on one side sitting down. I’m not sure if I should be seated or seat myself, so I go to the counter and wait. No one comes. I hear the couple talking. They are also confused.

Turns out the three of us looked up this restaurant on the internet, and didn’t realize it was closed because of a family reunion. But they were kind enough to serve us regardless.

I ordered the miki bihon, but my friend said that it’s called pancit where she’s from in the Phillipines. I only ordered one thing because the portions are huge. I sat there for several hours, watching Filipino television trying to eat all this food. It doesn’t look like much at first, but it’s a lot of food. He asked me if I was going to order more stuff and I was like, ‘…no thank you.’ I saw the size of the other plates and he told me 10 egg rolls come to a plate and I was by myself…trust me y’all I was good.

The noodles were absolutely DELICIOUS. Filipino noodles are some of the best dishes you will ever taste in your life. The dish was savory, some of the meat was sweet, some of the vegetables were still crunchy, it was very dynamic.


So after I stayed there for what seemed like ever, I made my way back to my friend’s house. I fell asleep and vaguely remember her coming into the room. I heard her take pictures of me (which isn’t as weird as it sounds, we’ve known each other forever). She showed me the next morning. Apparently, I take the masks I put on before I go to sleep off. I thought they just fell off. But no.

The next day, we went to the beach! But before we did, we had food adventures! First we went to a donut shop called Donut Friend, which is vegan, btw. It was absolutely delicious. I ordered a strawberry donut with fruit on top with a lemon glaze. And coffee. Can’t forget the caffeine.

My vegan donut from #donutfriend

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So after that, we made our way down to a Thai restaurant that was also vegan. I drank out of a coconut for the first time in my life. It was hella delicious. I also had yellow curry noodles and spring rolls, which were also absolutely amazing.



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So after that, it was beach time! We made our way down to Will Rogers Beach, which is really beautiful, and I’ve never been to this one before.

Beach time

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We played around here for a few hours before heading back to get ready for the concert! My friend swears she saw Dennis Hoffman passing by as we drove away. Technically I saw him…the back of his head anyway. So I saw Dennis Hoffman while I was in California.

Before the concert, we had dinner. We had poke bowls, which was also a new experience.


When I asked for the shoyu, the girl went, ‘you know that’s just soy sauce right?’ Y’all I had to just stop myself. I know I made a face. But my attitude came out regardless. ‘Well yeah, I know that. Just, yeah. Put it on there.’ That’s how that came out. Attitude and all. I tried being polite. I really did. Look, if you’re gonna be like that, just write ‘soy sauce’ on the menu. Don’t try to be edgy. You’re not cool for being rude to people. She wasn’t Japanese either, just fyi. She clearly was either at the end of her shift or was having an off day. Or maybe she’s an ass.

And the green tea tastes like water. The green tea is over $5 it should at least taste like green tea. And for the record, I did stir it like she told me to.

The concert on the other hand, went swimmingly. It was amazing. I didn’t do what I normally do, which is squish my way to the front. I was with Miriam and a friend of hers. We had to leave our bags at the front, they gave us a chip with a number on it to get them later. I loved all the artists.

Ailee was amazed that she couldn’t even hear her backing track. I cried when she sang Whitney. Roy had fangirls screaming random hilarious stuff during his set, and Echae Kang sang covers of pop songs that we sang along to. Her original stuff was amazing too.


Those were my first days in California. How’d you like them? There’s more adventure coming, so don’t miss out! I’ll be posting more soon, but it’s finals week, so be patient with me! Thanks for waiting ❤


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