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What The Bop?!: Let’s Dance!

This was about a month ago, but I didn’t publish an article like I usually do. This was pre-KCONLA, so I have to figure out everything I did wrong /side eyes myself/

Listen to the episode here:

Listen to “Let’s Dance!” on Spreaker.



AAA have released the music video for their single ‘Deja Vu,’ which was released on the 27th. Check it out.

Super Junior D&E will be releasing their Japanese album, ‘Style’ will be released on August 17th. They released a teaser yesterday on avex so check it out!

Fairies released the music video for ‘Let it Go’ a few days ago, which is a live performance from TDC Hall about a month ago.

That was a really short news segment, but sometimes, I am unprepared and my computer doesn’t want to cooperate.


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