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What the Bop?!: A Random Night of Bops

Tonight I put together a quick playlist of songs on my phone and that’s where I broadcast from so if my speaking audio is weird that’s why. Let’s get on with the bops and news of the night.

Listen to the episode here:

Listen to “Just A Random Night Of Bops” on Spreaker.



Perfume has released their latest song, ‘Let Me Know,’ so go check that out.

Matsumoto Jun of Arashi and his Inoue Mao will be announcing their engagement at the end of the year. It’s been speculated for years that they’ve been dating, but an executive at Johnny’s, where Arashi is housed was against their relationship and has reluctantly accepted it. Not that it’s his business but whatever.

It’s speculated that they’ll get marred after September of next year when the filming for Inoue’s latest drama wraps. Congratulations!

For those of you who don’t know, they both starred in the Japanese drama version of ‘Hana Yori Dango/Boys Over Flowers.’

Daichi Miura will be releasing his single, ‘By Myself‘ produced my Nao’ymt set to release for August 22nd! I am looking forward to it!

By the way, Nao’ymt is a very popular producer in Japan. He’s worked with EXILE, May J, Crystal Kay, Lecca, BoA, and Namie Amuro just to name some people that you might know.


It’s been revealed that once Ryeowook was discharged from the military, SuJu filmed their comeback music video in Macau! so look forward to that in the near future.

KARD‘s first concert in Korea will be held on August 19th at the Yes24 Live Hall in Seoul. It will be broadcast worldwide, and those not watching live from Korea can purchase tickets to watch via livestream on Makestar, which come with perks such as a signed album, backstage photos, signed photocards, etc.

In the past couple of days, a few big comebacks have happened: Seungri and Hyorin made their comebacks today and GFriend and Triple H made their comebacks so make sure to check those out!

Drama/Film time!

So I was watching an ad for DramaFever last night and they updated their library for summer. One of the films on their is called ‘The Substitute.’ In Chinese cinema, I’ve seen this several times already, a female is raised in the place of a son, which is what happens, so this person grows up and meets a woman at a fighting competition and feelings quickly heat up and they have to struggle with their feelings as they try to figure themselves out and label their relationship.

However, I read the summary while I was logged out and figured out it was only for Prime members which is a bummer. Good thing they have that tier system now.

Back in my day, you payed $9.99 and you were grateful! But now I don’t I pay $4.99 because I don’t need all that extra stuff. And you could pay as little at $.99 I think.

This isn’t a paid advertisement by the way, I just really like DramaFever.

Something In the Rain‘ is a new drama where a 30 something woman falls in love (finally!, right?) But her own feelings are tangled in confusion on how to proceed as the man she’s in love with is her best friend’s younger brother. This is a 16 episode Korean drama.

The Ex Man‘ is another new drama, this one is Chinese, it’s thirteen episodes, currently 10 episodes airing. It’s about a woman who had a falling out with her ex 10 years prior, and never heard from him again until now. Oh and he’s a ghost who’s decided to move in with her. If she doesn’t find out what happened, she may be stuck with him forever, possibly!

Watch all these and more, on DramaFever.

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