KCONLA Updates: Artist Announcements

This weeks artist announcement came in a four pack!

to everyone’s surprise, they dumped a bunch of artists on us at once instead of giving us two artists.



Nu’Est W recently made their comeback with their second mini album, ‘Who, You.’



Twice have been busy in Japan, releasing singles and mini albums. Their last Korean release was their mini album, ‘What is Love?’ which was released two months ago. They’ll also be joining the lineup for KCONLA!



Davichi are a duo that debuted in 2008 and are still going strong. A lot of people didn’t guess them (surprise surprise) but they’ve still got a strong following in Korea.

In Korea, ballads are super popular and always have been. Do you know what Davichi’s specialty is? That’s right. Ballads.


And last but not least, MY CHILDREN, IN2IT, THE WINNERS OF BOYS24. THEY DESERVE ALL THE LOVE IN THE WORLD. STAN MY CHILDREN, STAN IN2IT. They debuted with ‘Amazing,’ and this is their comeback.


So yeah. It turns out I missed publishing the announcements for the previous week so I’ll do that here as well:

Seventeen joined the lineup a few weeks ago, their single ‘Just Do It’ was released three months ago, but check it out anyway!


My princesses, Fromis_9! I just saw them in NY, but I started feeling unwell around the time they came on so hopefully I can make sure I’m in tip top shape and enjoy their set better this time around.


That’s it for announcements this time around, stick around for more later this week!

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