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KCONLA Artist Announcements + Much More!

Last week’s KCON update contained the first artist update for us, plus more news on the NY venue and merch updates!

KCON LA’s first artists are Wanna One and Chungha, as I have previously stated in last week’s What the Bop episode. Wanna One will also be appearing at KCONNY, and are also holding a world tour in the US at that time. They’re busy boys. They just made a comeback with their latest single, ‘Light‘ so check that out below if you haven’t already.


I’m not particularly excited about seeing Wanna One twice in one year (YES, I’m going this year!!!!) but to each their own, and at least I get to see Minhyun of Nu’Est. *shrugs. Anyway.

Chungha, former member of I.O.I, sister group of Wanna One, her latest release ‘Roller Coaster‘ was released four months ago. Yeah, that’s a long time ago, but it’s a really good song. Check it out!


So to add onto the artist news, They’ve already set up the merchandise shop through Mwave, and they’ve added a new item called ‘Fan Letter Kit’ and you’ll be able to write to an artist that is PARTICIPATING AT YOUR KCON and at the STAR SQUARE you’ll put your fan letter in the DESIGNATED FAN LETTER BOX.

The artists will be opening/reading the letters at the RED CARPET.

I don’t know if you have to actually pre-order it, but I do suggest it. You DO have to pick it up at the convention though, all the merch. You cannot have any merchandise shipped to you beforehand. Like many other concerts, any merchandise LEFT OVER AFTER THE EVENT may be sold afterwards and then shipped to you.

However, order it online, pick it up AT THE MWAVE BOOTH AT KCONNY.

Here’s a picture of all the official goods:

Prices on the picture do not include any tax that may occur after official purchase. Click here to pre-order.


Special guests that were announced for KCON NY this week were:

eSNa! She’s an R&B singer, songwriter/composer! She’s a US native active in SK. She’s from California, graduated from UCLA, competed on Superstart K3 (under Yoon Bitnara). She’s written songs for 4Minute, KWill, Mr.Mr, Madclown and Bastarz just to name a few.

the next guest that was announced was Edward Avilla, who is going by Eddy for some reason.


Edward is a popular YouTuber who does a lot of makeup tutorials and I’ve seen him in vlogs with my own favorite YouTubers. He also called a child in a K-Pop group ‘fat’ and said that it was ‘inappropriate for K-Pop’ so that shows you how much I care that he’s coming.

I don’t.

They finally updated the KCON app, the NY map has shown up so don’t forget to pick it up on the iTunes and Google Play stores!

Anyway, that’s the news for this week so far, stay tuned for more updates!

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