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G-Friend ‘Time For The Moon Night’ MV + Bonus Videos

Who am I kidding? Any G-Friend video is a bonus video /is very very biased/ I didn’t let this comeback go unnoticed, however yes I did wait this long to watch the music video.

The music video plot-wise for the title track, ‘Time for the Moon Night‘ is a classic G-Friend ‘girls’ trip’ but it seemed like Eunha was suffering from some sort of depressive episode, and perhaps a second music video might give more details into why she’s so sad and seems to be running off? Repackage? I don’t know.

I really like the song, but not as much as I love the song ‘Love Bug.’ It’s my favorite off the album.

Watch the music video below:


Watch the dance practice video here:


Watch the jacket making video here:


Watch the behind-the-scenes making- of for the music video:


Like the song? Buy it on iTunes, or buy a physical copy on Ktown4U! I have the ‘Time’ version linked, but they have the ‘Moon’ and ‘Night’ versions as well.

Enjoy holding the album in your own two hands. Because of my promise to myself, I CAN’T HOLD A SINGLE NEW ALBUM UNTIL KCON.


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