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E-Girls ‘Show Time/YMCA’ MV

They did me a confuse, they did

So I was watching the music video for ‘Show Time‘ and I was like, ‘wait, there’s no black girls in E-Girls…’ Took me almost 30 minutes and good search through E-girls’ Instagram accounts to figure out the dark skinned girl with the curly hair was Fuji Karen.

Wth? I was wondering if E-Girls had a new member but no, it’s blackface. Which is weird, because EXILE has black members, why Avex? Why????? She’s already dark, but you made her look black for this concept because???? Excotism????

I know what I saw, you can look if you want, but I’m done. The song is whatever. I liked the instrumental but I thought the vocal work was kinda weak for what the instrumental was building up.

I looked at E-Girls because I haven’t listened to them since ‘Love Queen,’ I saw they released their own version of EXILE’s ‘YMCA,’ I’m going to put that down here too.

I just thought better of you, Avex.

The dancing is great, but the song is boring.

As for ‘YMCA,’ where there is no controversial anything, in the beginning they should have toned down the vocal effects but the rest of the song is cute and catchy, so I can’t complain too much. I love the dance here too, and all the trainees. It’s just so bright and wonderful here.

This music video was released in April (the music video for ‘Show Time’ was released on May 2nd), but will be appearing on the same album as ‘Show Time,’ ‘E.G. 11,’ which was released on May 23rd!


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Source: avexnetwork YouTube (1), (2)

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