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AOA ‘Bingle Bangle’ MV

I’m not much into AOA, but I was told that their new song was a great summer hit, and I wasn’t lied too. AOA released their music video for their latest single, ‘Bingle Bangle,’ from their latest mini album of the same name. The album and music video were released yesterday, and the video has already amassed over 2,400,000 views on 1theK and over 305,000 on FNC‘s official YouTube!

I love that she’s playing a Nintendo 64 with 1980’s graphics (it’s not actually wrong, because there’s a game ‘Dr. Mario‘ that had similar old school graphics that was on the console that I remember) and who doesn’t love video game style music videos?

No one. No one is that lame. Everyone loves these. Gosh.

Also I really love the song. ‘LaDiDaDi‘ and ‘Super Duper‘ are my next two favorite songs. I love every song except ‘Heat,’ and that’s pretty much because it’s the only ballad song and I just don’t feel it like I feel the rest of the album, y’know?

Watch the music video below:


Like the song? Buy the mini album on iTunes and physically on Ktown4U! There’s four different versions, I just put the most affordable one here, make sure to explore your options!

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Source: 1theK Official YouTube

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