Unboxing Review

SnackFever ‘White Day’ March Unboxing

So…I just realized that I may have accidentally lost footage from the last two unboxings that I did…wow me. Way to go. But don’t worry, This unboxing and the next one are good to go!

I was wondering why I was sleep deprived and then I remembered it was the day I came home from Virginia! Ah~ the memories!

Yes, it was the day that I couldn’t quite get to sleep, Molly and I were both like that and yet she drove me to the airport anyway. My pal, my friend. I took a 45-minute nap on one of my flights, but I just couldn’t get to sleep the rest of the time.

When I got home my friend was disappointed to find that I was not in possession of our favorite brand of shrimp chips, as it’s our favorite snack. But also my SnackFever box came that day!

It was the White Day box, as you can tell from the title, and it was filled with goodness and stickers!

Here’s a link to the radio show where I explained the cultural differences between White Day in Japan, Korea and Taiwan and China, as well as Valentines Day in North America (Here).

Watch the unboxing video here:


Get your own SnackFever box here!

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