KCONNY 2018: Apps You’ll Need

Things you’ll need was just the tip of the iceberg. Your phone is just as important a tool as the other items you’ll be carrying. Let’s explore, shall we?

New Jersey Transit App logo as of May 2018


This is a must, especially if you’re like us. We stay outside the citay, so we take the train, and you can check train schedules as well as buy and present your ticket with this app. It’s very handy. You can pick it up at the iTunes store or Google Play.

dunkin donuts, my love, my life


Get the Dunkin Donuts app. DD is very popular on the East coast, and you can order and pay with your phone. How convenient! Not to mention they have better perks than Starbucks. I would know because I have rewards cards with both the chains. That, and they’re less expensive than Starbucks. Y’all know I’m cheap. And their coffee ain’t as bitter. I’M SALTY THAT WE DON’T HAVE ONE YET OKAY???? Pick up the app on iTunes and Google Play!



Starbucks is another coffee franchise that is available abroad. While not as cool as Dunkin Donuts, and more expensive at that, while I’m abroad I do use it. I especially use it in the airports, in the midwest, and on the west coast, where Dunkin Donuts doesn’t seem to exist. It takes longer for your perks to add up, the coffee is more expensive and yes I drink the sugary shit because I love myself and I need f l a v o r. Get the app on the iTunes and Google Play!



Yes, download the KCON app. Right now it’s still in 2017 mode, but once it gets closer to the NY KCON, it’ll update and give you things like the con schedule, artist engagement schedule, panel schedules, links to purchase merchandise, convention venue map, concert venue map, and photo filters. It’s pretty nifty. Pick it up on the iTunes store and Google Play!



Whether you’re traveling alone or in a group, Google Maps is there. It’s helped me when I needed it at least. It’s great for navigating bus routes, train routes, and on foot. I use this all the time in LA and when I’m alone in places like Minneapolis or Chicago. Okay, I’ve been to Minneapolis once, but I’ve been to Chicago TWICE okay?

TWICE, I was by MYSELF for a good portion of it too, and then I got lost once cuz Uber was being a dick, just use LYFT in Chicago trust me. That’s a story for a different post, a post I’m sure I’ve already written. Anyway, download Google Maps on iTunes and Google Play. Most Android devices come with it already installed, but I’m sure you could use the update, right? Right.



Share all those precious, not-so-precious, embarrassing, and hilarious memories on Instagram! You can also hook it up to your Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook for the ultimate sharing experience. This also helps me to photo dump at the end of the night so I can empty my phone and SD card and get ready for the next day! Get it on iTunes and Google Play.

Well, Those are my top app recommendations for KCONNY 2018! Do you have any must-have apps for travel? I’m sure you do! Let me know in the comments, and I’ll be back with more updates in KCON news soon!

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