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Yes, I did see this seconds after it dropped, yes me and my friends are excited about this YES I DID SEE THEM PERFORM THIS ON THE BBMAS YAS I WAS JUNGSHOOKETH

BTS recently released their third album, ‘Love Yourself:Tear’ with the title track, ‘Fake Love.’ My friends and I were skeptical at first, but we absolutely LOVE it!

The music video is now at 81 million* (at the time I’m writing this, the view count is actually at 82,334,496) views officially after only five days, congratulations to us ARMY! view the music video below:


And watch the BBMA performance here:


Y’all, y’all, Y ‘ A L L. I was damn near in tears. ONE they performed this ON MY BIRTHDAY so happy birthday to me. This comeback? For me. This stage? For me. That award? For me for them. /jokes/ In all seriousness, it was so amazing.

That and it only took two days for Walmart to play ‘Fake Love’ on their radio lol I’m so happy! Also, It took me like six tries just to see this performance, live streams kept shutting off and then when BTS came on they blocked the screen with an ad. Assholes.

Like the song? Buy it on iTunes, and physically through Ktown4U!

Like BTS?







Source: BigHit Official YouTube

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