Unboxing Review

April SnackFever ‘Bom’bastic Cherry Blossom Unboxing

This is a few weeks late. My batteries for my camera ran out and my phone took my video hostage…again. *facepalms. But here it is and BEFORE my next unboxing! Ah-ha!

Get it? Because ‘bom’ in Korean means ‘spring’ and its spring now and its Cherry Blossom season…I’ll be quiet.

Anyway, this box was amazing! all the snacks were gone in DAYS and I love my new stationary doo-dads! The stationery also set off my ‘Winter Sonata‘ feelz, which you should totally watch, it’s available on DramaFever. This isn’t sponsored, it’s just one of the best dramas ever and you need to watch it.

By the way, the chips were INDEED cherry blossom flavored. It was oddly delightful. View the EYK video about cherry blossom themed food and stuffs below the unboxing video!

View the unboxing here:


Get your own SnackFever box here!


View the EYK video here:

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