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What the Bop?!: The Thirst is Real

It’s hot here, and so are the hits! Join me for music, updates in Asian entertainment and updates in anime and Korean dramas!

Listen to the episode here:

Listen to “The Thirst Is Real” on Spreaker.


Now for the news:

Jolin Tsai, my C-Pop Queen, attended the Taipei performance of my J-Pop Queen, Namie Amuro for her final dome tour. Her two Taipei dome dates drew over 22,000 attendees. As a token of their friendship, Jolin personally made Namie a cake out of her likeness! So cute!

PassPo, an idol girl group will be disbanding later this year and will be holding their final concert, a one man live at the Nakano Sunplaza on September 22nd, 2018.
The group was formed in 2009 and were known for their stewardess concept. They released 17 major singles and five major albums. Their latest tour began in March and they will continue touring throughout the summer until their final show on September 22nd.

Ryuji Imaichi of Sandaime J Soul Brothers has released the music video for his latest solo track, ‘Alter Ego’ he wrote the lyrics himself, and the song was produced by Canadian producer/songwriter Illangelo, who is known for his work with TheWeeknd.
The single was released digitally in April but will receive a physical release on the J Soul Brothers’ upcoming studio album, ‘Future,’ out on June, 6th.

FinK.L have reunited for their 20th anniversary in a lovely set of photos at the home of member Lee Hyori. The four member girl group debuted in 1998 through DSP Media and released their last mini album in 2005, ‘Forever Fin.K.L

BTS won ‘Top Social Media Artist’ at the Billboard Music Awards for the second year in a row, and performed their latest single, ‘Fake Love’ to a crowd of roaring fans. I’d say cheering but Kelly Clarkson had to wear earmuffs you couldn’t even hear the poor woman.

TWICE have gone platinum in Japan for the fourth consecutive time with their latest single, ‘Wake Me Up’, they’ve also set another record by the single managed to maintain its spot at the dialing singles spot for six straight days, and they are also the first foreign artist to surpass 200,000 sales with three consecutive releases.


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