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What to Bring to KCON [A List]

Whether you’re new or returning, there’s always a need to prepare, and I am the queen of disaster and over-preparation. Let me break it down on your need-to-brings in this list for KCON!

1. Your Ticket

Sure, you may get the mobile ticket or the E-ticket that’s fine, but if you have the option to print out your ticket, DO IT. I had an E-Ticket option for one of the KARD concerts I went to, but I printed out a physical ticket just in case.

However, I also was air-headed enough to leave that ticket in my hotel room. So I tried using the E-ticket. Clearly, there was an option for it, why not try to use it? No. At least not for getting merchandise, I HAD to have my physical ticket so guess who had to walk down to the library in Chicago to go print off a new ticket.

This guy…chick…it was me


So yeah. I’d say make sure to bring a physical copy of your ticket and make sure you have it. Don’t forget your convention ticket either.

2. Charging banks, cords

For your phones, cameras, etc. I’m sure you’ll be taking a lot of photos, videos, etc. you’ll need to charge them and make sure they’re ready to go. This is clearly a given but you can’t be too careful. They also in the past have had charging stations at the Verizon booths, so check those out as well, they’re free, though if you have a Verizon phone you get priority.

3. Memory Cards, old smart Phones

Please don’t be that ass who brings a tablet. Really. I don’t think you can, but please don’t. Bring a cheap digital camera, bring several memory cards (between 16-32 GB about 2 should be good), an old smartphone with a camera, I bring my old Samsung S5 every year with a memory card in it so I can take photos and upload them later. I also use my own phone and I have a Nikon Coolpix A10 that I got on sale for like, $60 it takes very nice pictures and video, has a decent zoom, however it sucks on memory on its own, get a memory card.

I also hear Sony Powershot cameras are nice.


4. Cash

This is a given. Clearly, bring your money. Yes, SOME stalls take debit cards. They are savvy to the apple pay and such with their card scanners and their tablets and such. However, a lot are not, and you will have to fork over the physical monies. I’d say have your cash on you, in multiple places. That and do you REALLY wanna keep paying ATM fees? For reals? Just bring some.

5. Sunscreen

I don’t care if you’re fair, brown or dark skinned, bring your sunscreen, we all burn and we’re all susceptible to skin cancer. If you have dark skin, Palmers or Coppertone are considered the best, 50+ SPF. Get 50+ no matter what your skin tone because the summer sun is brutal, especially in NJ, and especially since the con is held outside except for the fan engagements.

6. Umbrella

Ay, ay, ay, that was a Rihanna joke, for you young people.


It doesn’t really matter if it will rain or not, it’ll shield you from those harmful UV rays, bring down the temp a bit in your personal space, and you’ll be the most popular person around.

Seriously, a lot of people forget to bring umbrellas and might ask to share. Unless you have an issue with personal space, it’s harmless and a lot of people I’ve shared an umbrella with were nice, fun people. A lot of them were younger than me too.

Point is, bring your own shade stick.

6. Light sticks

Light sticks aren’t necessarily a necessity, but you can bring them into the concert. They also sell cheap glowsticks at the con, or at least I remember them doing that in California. They also sold glow bracelets and necklaces. Anyway, You can buy light sticks at Ktown4U, ChoiceMusicLA, and MusicPlaza, they’ll sell KCON lightsticks at the venue for around $15, you can also always try YesAsia and Amazon. Amazon usually sells used lightsticks, but if you want one you want one, right? Right.

7. Medical Supplies

If you need daily medication like I do, or have medical needs like my friend Leigh where you need things like ice packs and braces, make sure to pack them. Clearly label them and for extra measure (if you have them, like take out from your prescription bag and put into your own) bring the instructions with you so there are absolutely no questions.

And if you’re a lady with a monthly friend, bring your stuff. Yes, I mean tampons. Sorry not sorry guys, this needs to be said. A lot of times when we get excited about concerts and stuff it might slip our minds, so just check your calendar and plan accordingly.


That’s what I got! Questions or comments? Leave them below! More KCON updates to come!

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