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KCON NY 2018 Lineup and Whatnot!

I haven’t updated you like I have in the past, and I apologize. I’ve started school again, I’m sitting in the quad as we speak. So let me refresh you on the new updates as well as the lineup while I have it in me to do so!

KCON NY is getting an overhaul this year from the sizing of the seating arrangements to the way the tickets are being sold, the way the perks are being sold, and all my friends and I can hope for is a better con. I really wanted to shop last year and I bought like three albums and maybe two pins.

You guys know when I shop I SHOP. So let’s cross our fingers. First, I’ll give you the lineup just in case you didn’t know and I don’t blame you because the KCON hints are ridiculous and I don’t blame you if you don’t wanna play along.


So yeah, this is the lineup. I don’t think its too bad. I love EXID and Red Velvet, Golden Child and Fromis_9 are my new babies, Super Junior are like my OG oppas, and I never fathomed getting to see them in concert again. I GET TO SEE NCT 127 AGAIN YAS MA BABIES. Getting to see them at the same KCON is weird though, but I’m not complaining.

I got a lot of light sticks to buy tho.

Just to let you know, there’s a good chance that official light sticks won’t be sold at the venue, so buy them beforehand. Buy them from Music Plaza, Choice Music LA, or Ktown4u. Those are your best options, especially for shipping.

Now, for other facts. I will be pulling the most asked questions from the official FAQ so if you have any questions make sure to click on the link or email the official KCON staff here.

Q. What is the difference between a Combo and a Single ticket?

A. Single tickets allow you to attend one night’s concert. If you would like to attend both concert nights, it is recommended you purchase a combo ticket so that you receive one ticket for each concert night at a discounted price! For example, a P3 single ticket is $50. If you want to attend both concert nights, you can purchase a combo ticket for $90 instead of purchasing two single concert tickets for $100.

*Discount only applies if you are purchasing the same tier for both nights.
*Combo tickets are for ONE PERSON ONLY. You will receive one ticket per night. Combo tickets are NOT for two people.


Q. What type of tickets are Diamond and Platinum?

A. Diamond and Platinum tickets are complete KCON experience packages which include: Combo concert tickets, 2-Day convention access, a premium artist engagement package, exclusive kcon merchandise, and more special benefits!

Q. Are the convention tickets included in the prices?

A. The convention ticket is SEPARATE from your concert ticket. You will need to purchase a separate convention ticket depending on what type of ticket you purchase! The diamond/platinum packages include convention tickets.

* Convention tickets will go on sale Monday, May 14 at 3PM EDT at kconusa.com

Q. Can we choose our seats when purchasing a ticket?

A. Based on availability, you will be able to choose your tier and its related section (GA or reserved). However, the ticket vendor will always provide you with the best seating available.

Q. What is the difference between GA and Reserved?

A. GA is standing. Reserved is seated.

Q. Is there a maximum amount of tickets I can purchase?

A. Yes, you can purchase up to 4 combo tickets and 8 single tickets.

Q. What are the check-in hours for KCONNY 2018?

A. The dates and times for check-in are as follow:

  • [Friday, June 22] 1PM – 6PM EDT
  • [Saturday, June 23] 7AM – 5:30PM EDT
  • [Sunday, June 25] 7AM – 5:30PM EDT


Q. Where do the Artist Engagement sessions take place?

A. The Artist Engagement sessions take place at the Barnabas Health Hockey House, which is located right next to the Prudential Center.

Q. What is ‘Gallery ALL-ACCESS?’

A. Those with a valid “Gallery All-Access” voucher will be able to access the designated “Gallery” area for EVERY Artist Engagement session, on a single day – EITHER Saturday OR Sunday (“Red Carpet” sessions not included).

Q. Can I record during a HI-TOUCH?

A. Recording is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. If you are caught recording during the hi-touch, you will be escorted out of the room. Move down to “A/E section”

I’d also like to mention that they’ve shrunk the venue. Why? Well the venue was so empty last year that during broadcasts lets just say that probably wasn’t the best view for potential customers or potential donors. Who wants to look at a half empty venue?

So here’s the new seating chart:

Image result for kcon 2018 ny seating

Now that we have that out of the way, no, do not bring your DSLR, yes, I know you might want to if you don’t bring your lenses, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Point and shoot cameras are fine, Sony and Nikon make great cameras for concerts and low light events.

If you have any more questions, feel free to leave a comment below. This will be my fourth year going, but my seventh KCON. Happy preparations everyone! I’ll make a list of KCON essentials, coming soon!

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