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What the Bop?!” Don’t Mind Me I’m Just Over Here Sobbing

We’re gonna talk about the latest in Asian entertainment, latest music releases, tour news, why my latest drama was the worst ever and listen to some great jams, come join me!

Listen to the episode here:

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BTS, G-Friend and (G)-IDLE have taken spots in the top 10 of Billboards world album chart, placing at #1 with Love Yourself:Her , #6 with Time For the Moonlight Nnight and #7 with I Am respectively.


Jun K has enlisted in the army and will be leaving us soon. Good luck to you sir!

-Sad news in the K-Pop world today, as Kai of EXO mourns the loss of his father due to chronic illness. He credits his father a lot for his success in being accepted into SM. Our condolences to his family.

BABYMETAL have returned with a music video for their surprise single, ‘Distortion.’ They’ve recently started their own label. The single is darker than usual, but doesn’t lack their usual charm so take a listen when you can.

-Former AKB48 ace Atsuko Maeda is reportedly dating actor Ryo Katsuji. The agencies have refused to give statements, but his pretty much said, he’s an adult, he can do what he wants #thuglife

EXILE member Kobayashi Naoki will be starring as the lead role in the new film, ‘The Earthquak Bird’ from Netflix and Scott Free Productions. He’s a mysteriously handsome photographer caught in a love triangle set against a murder mystery.

It’s based on the 2001 novel of the same name by Susanna Jones. Walsh Westmoreland adapted the script from the book and will be directing the film as well.

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