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What the Bop?!: It’s May

And It’s gonna be May all month, but let’s kick off what I consider the first month of summer with a show! Join me in the chat or just hang out and relax with some tunes and the latest in Asian entertainment news!

Listen to the episode here:

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Yong Junhyung has been releasing solo teasers for his comeback album, ‘Goodbye 20s’ get ready for your untimely death, it shall be sweet and sufferable.

Lizzy has graduated from After School after eight years with the girl group. Though currently inactive, After School is now a four member girl group consisting of members Nana, E-Young, Raina and Ga Eun.

SHINee will be holding a special fanmeeting in Korea and will be preparing for a comeback in May for their 10th anniversary. They’ve been performing in Japan but they’re finally making their way back home to Korea!

Super Junior has been added to the lineup for KCON NY, as well as Fromis_9! The final artist announcement will happen Thursday so don’t miss it!

Hello VenusAlice has won her lawsuit with her former company in the amount of approximately 80 mil won against company A.

Company A alleges (because apparently they didn’t actually keep records) that Even though we had provided Ms. Song with support including vocal and dance lessons, outfits, and music video production, she did not arrive for her scheduled appearances.” And tried countersuing her. They failed, obviously.

Alice countered them by saying that she had not received the promised 2 million won (approximately $1,900) down payment from the agency, and she also was not supplied with either the opportunities or locations for proper training. She emphasized that the agency had told her to entertain at drinking parties, given her embarrassing outfits, and demanded large amounts of settlement money, which had damaged the trust between them and led to the termination of her contract.

The court ruled in Alice’s favor, stating that A Entertainment had not only stopped providing the support outlined in her exclusive contract and did not pay the down payment, they also had no evidence that they had provided accounting information for the sharing of profits.

The court also stated, “The agency has argued that Ms. Song violated duty of good faith practices under the terms of her exclusive contract, but there is no evidence that proves this.” They added, “We do not accept the claims of damages made by the agency on the basis of a breach of the exclusive contract.”

Here’s the thing about K-Pop, which a lot of you guys may or may not know. Recently *by recently I mean a few years ago there was a law passed that’s called the JYJ law that battles slave contracts.

Slave contracts are what allow gross things like CEOs allowing trainees, male or female to be handed off to dinner party guests as hookers, overworking the talent, overbooking the talent, forcing them into over sexual clothing which happens a lot anyway, but happened a lot more in an unregulated atmosphere.

Forcing artists to practically sign their lives away for 13 years, like JYJ/TVXQ did, which is why the lawsuit took so long, why JYJ took so long to come back, etc etc its actually really detailed. The point is, there is more to this story and more to the cultural understand of why this is just more about sexy outfits than people realized. Congratulations Alice, we’re rooting for you in your future endeavors.

Baby Metal have their own record label now. The girls have unveiled the formation of BABYMETAL RECORDS, which has been created due to a partnership with 5B Artist Management. It will be based in the United States, and is technically a “record label imprint”. That means is that the label is a trademark or brand.

5B Artist Management is one of the most prominent marketing firms in the heavy metal/rock scene. In fact, Megadeth and Slipknot are currently managed by them. BABYMETAL RECORDS will also work closely with the U.K based independent label Cooking Vinyl, who will handle manufacturing and distributions.

Arashi tops the list for the seventh year in a row. TOKIO comes in second place for the second consecutive year. Utada Hikaru rounds out the top 3!~

GENERATIONS from EXILE have released the visuals for their 16th single, ‘FLY Boys FLY Girls,’ and the single will hit the shelves June 13th, 2018.

Crystal Kay will be releasing her 12th studio album titled, ‘For You,’ it will be her first one in three years since ‘Shine.’

CRAZYBOY, aka J Soul Brothers member ELLY has released the MV for his brand new song ‘LOCO it’s an awesome song and you should definitely check it out!

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