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Yoon Mi Rae Releases ‘KawiBawiBo (가위바위보)’ MV

She snatched my soul. It’s gone.

Yoon Mi Rae released her latest single, ‘Kawi Bawi Bo‘ (가위바위보) aka, ‘rock, paper, scissors’ or more literally I think the last part in Korean is actually cloth, but I digress.

The point is, she released the anthem this morning and it snatched all my belongings. I’m now leasing my possessions just to be graced by her legendary presence.

Also, I’ve been reminded (from my own mistakes y’all) do not go in the comments. People don’t know she’s half black. She’s very open about her struggles with racism, she’s rapped about it, been interviewed about it, she’s clearly brown, I just… she’s been around since the 90’s y’all. There’s Google.

I’m gonna stop being petty now because I cannot. I’m just gonna enjoy this masterpiece. You should too, so check it out below:


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Source: 1theK Official YouTube

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