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Jessi x Flowsik ‘Wet’ MV

There’s a clear reason (Exhibit A: the thumbnail of this article) why watching this for the first time at lunch at WORK was not the smartest idea.

Trying not to go SWEET LORD BABY JESUS and OH MY GOD at all the skin I was seeing was very difficult. I am an innocent lamb, I swear. I still sometimes watch this at work with my hands wrapped around my phone because this song is a bop and I can’t help it.

I first heard about this on Instagram through Jessi and Flowsik‘s teasers on their accounts. Then Flowsik got pissed because whoever was in charge of doing the thumbnail made the first one this really embarrassing shot of him looking like he was about to sneeze before they changed it to him and Jessi in that little club corner. Understandable, like damn you had one job dude.

The song is super catchy both of them are ridiculous and there is a plethora of attractive people, male and female to look at. Watch the music video below:


Like the song? Buy it on iTunes!



Source: 1theK Official YouTube

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