What the Bop?!: Back In It

I’m Karen and this is what the bop. Unfortunately, I am back in Iowa for the next two months. I’m currently suffering from allergies, which may or may not be turning into something worse. I’m not good at telling, I’m not a doctor.

Listen to the show here:

Listen to “Back In It” on Spreaker.


Avex has started uploading music videos for Johnny & Associate acts on their YouTube channel. This means acts like Sexy Zone, Kat-Tun, V6, News and Hey Say Jump! Let’s cross our fingers for full videos, right? Right.

Evil Line Records is releasing a tribute album to honor Sailor Moon’s 25th anniversary on April 4th titled,‘Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon The 25th Anniversary Memorial Tribute.’ The album jacket design is drawn by the manga author Naoko Takeuchi.

Singer Ayumi Hamasaki has announced a collaboration with the European street wear brand DEFEND PARIS. The brand is very popular with international celebrities including Madonna, Akon, and Zachary Quinto.

This marks the first time that the brand is officially collaborating with a celebrity from Asia. The goal of the collaboration is to send a message of hope to all the sexual minorities around the world.

Two shirts and two caps will be available for purchase, in either black or white. The text reads “DEFEND TOKYO” with a rainbow heart in the middle, on the t-shirts the back has an excerpt from Ayumi Hamasaki’s 2013 song ‘how beautiful you are.

Yeah…I was in the middle of looking up the Korean news when the music went off. BUT, Oh My Girl, EXID and The Boyz all released their music videos this morning (or yesterday, I’m in a fog) you should go watch them!

Speaking of The Boyz, we’ve got a fanclub name! Drumroll please!~*** The B, which means, we are The Best fans.

In2it is making a comeback with their upcoming single, ‘Snapshot!’ They’ll be making their comeback on April 19th, which will be their first comeback, unfortunately without member Jinsub who had to leave due to health issues.

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