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What the Bop?!: It’s Festival Prep SEASON!

Get those wallets at least part way full, because it’s almost summer, and that means concerts, tours, conventions, poorness, tears, and such! Also join me for music and news!

Listen to the episode here:

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And now for the news:

After giving the J-Pop world a scare earlier in the week, idol group Kalafina has announced that they will in fact not be disbanding, but instead will be going forward as a duo after losing member Yuki Kajiura this spring. In a statement to Oricon, a rep from Space Craft Produce stated that, ‘performances at our sponsored concerts and the opening of the group’s 10th anniversary film are continuing as planned.’

EXILE Takahiro and wife actress Emi Takei welcomed their daughter into the world a few days ago. According to reports, she is healthy and energetic. Congratulations!

Yamada Marina is graduating from HKT48. It was announced during their performance on March 10th. She wishes to become a voice actress, and has been studying at Yoyogi Animation School, and recently graduated this month.

She’s been a member since 2012 and is a second generation member of the group. Congratulations and good luck!

Girlkind have given fans a new name. they had to change their fanclub’s name because it sounded too similar to Eun Ji Won’s fan club name, but they’ve finally chosen a new one. The new name is…FanForce!

J-HOPE is at #1 on the Billboard World albums chart with his ‘Hope World‘ mixtape this week, along with three BTS albums and MAMAMOO in the top 20. Congratulations!

BIGBANG released their single ‘Flower Road’ today, and it broke the record for most unique listeners in 24 hours with over 829 thousands unique listeners. And here’s the kicker, they actually broke the record in only 14 hours. The previous record holder for most unique listeners was previously held by MAMAMOO with 795 thousand in 24 hours.

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