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KCON NY 2017 Day 2: I Vaguely Remember Alcohol and TWICE

It’s been almost a year and I feel so guilty for not finishing my KCON NY blog posts, especially since it was my only KCON trip last year. But to my best ability, Imma finish it now. Brace yourselves for very weird, awkward, fuzzy memories.

So it is no secret that my friend Leigh is not a fan of TWICE. I like TWICE. But I like to refer to myself as a ‘singles fan.’ What that means to me is, that I mostly like their lead singles. Sure, I might like a B-side now and again over a lead single (cough* ‘Cheer Up‘ sucks* cough*) but for the most part I am definitely not an anti, but I’m not not a Once, y’know?

However, I’m down for alcohol and pizza any day. So we meet Christie, who I’m meeting in person for the first time and we’re having pizza at our favorite place and we decide to order drinks. I get two because I don’t drink, I SLAM. Because I’m from Iowa and that’s how I roll, DAMMIT.

I get a Piña Colada and a Sex on the Beach because I need flavor and plain beer is gross.

I remember going out and buying albums after this (Highlight’s ‘Calling You,’ ‘Can You Hear It‘ and B.A.P‘s ‘Carnival‘), coming back, eating more, and then we left to go wait in line. This is the day my friend Becky and I sat in P3 together. It wasn’t a bad view (though my camera might say otherwise).

That night we saw CNBLUE, TWICE, NCT 127, and UP10TION. I’ve seen CNBLUE before a couple years ago, but it was nice seeing them again, and brought back feelings of nostalgia~ and my friends were pleasantly surprised as well. We all liked seeing NCT 127 live, as well as UP10TION. I won’t speak for others on TWICE, but seeing my baby Jiyeon was so nice, even if she did have 30-year-old suburban soccer mom hair T^T oh lord the humidity~

Here’s some pics:

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I’m sorry this took so long, but here it is. I’ll try to keep to my plan of blogging on the go this year, (fingers crossed!) even if I have to save it and publish it when i get home. I’LL FIGURE THIS OUT SOMEHOW!!!! KCON 2018 is around the corner and this year I plan on going this year to both again (again, fingers crossed!!!!) Let’s hope for the best and see what happens! Life is an adventure, I’m just here for the ride.

-Karen ❤

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