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Elris ‘We, First’ Mini Album Unboxing [Secret Santa]

I received this during my Secret Santa gift exchange, and I LOVE Elris to bits and pieces. They are my bbys. Damn near tried to rip the decorative plastic cover tho.

It’s a tad bit dark because even though it was still early, I was getting impatient not being able to film the video, so I finally did and I look purple. So yeah.

This is an unboxing of Elris’ debut mini-album, ‘We, First.’ They are from Hunus Entertainment and are labelmates with XENO-T (formerly known as ToppDogg)

Watch the video below:


If you’d like your own physical album, order it on KTOWN4U, which is where I order my physical albums when I’m at home in Iowa. I’m not sponsored by them, but I wouldn’t say no either if they offered.

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