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What the Bop?!: Take a Shot!

Take a shot at these new, old and awesome songs! Come join me as we chat about dramas and news!

Take a listen to the broadcast here:

Listen to “Take A Shot!” on Spreaker. 

And now for the news:

On Sunday it was announced that the popular manga ‘Sora wo Kekeru Yodaka’ by Shiki Kawabata will be adapted into a Netflix original live action series. The six-episode series will air later this year.

Popular skater Yuzuru Hanyu takes gold at the Winter Olympics, with second place being taken by Soma Uno. Yuzuru set a record of 317.85. His back to back victories make him the first man the achieve this feat since American Olympian Dick Button won in 1948 and 1952. This is Japan’s first gold medal of the current Olympic games, congratulations to both of them!

Super Girls members Shimura Rika and Tanaka Mirei announce graduation. Tanaka will graduate on March 31st and Shimura will graduate on June 24th. It’s sad to see them go, but good luck to the both of them in their future endeavors!

Tsubaki Factory will be releasing their new single, ‘Teion Yakedo/I Need You/Yozora no Kanransha~’ on February 21st. This is the third major single from the group.

Jang Moon Bok will be releasing a mini album in March featuring his label-mate, Yoon He Seok. I’m pretty stoked about that. I watched him on Produce 101 a few times and listened to his singles. He’s in Outsider’s label and I love Outsider.

Wanna One will be making a comeback on March 19th with a mini album.

Monsta X’s IM dropped his Mixtape music video ‘Fly With Me‘ earlier, Former History Member Jaeho made his solo debut as NANO with his single, ‘Forever You and I

CLC released a dark concept teaser for their latest comeback, ‘Black Dress

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