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What The Bop?!: Happy Valentine’s Day

It’s the Valentine’s Day broadcast, full of mushy, feelzy feelz and the latest in K-Pop and J-Pop news!

Listen to the broadcast below:

Listen to “Happy Valentine’s Day” on Spreaker.

And now for the news:

Yang Yoseob of Highlight has pre-released his single, ‘Star’ from his second mini album. Aroundus Entertainment has been hyping the crap out of his newest upcoming release on Instagram if you haven’t been following them you should because they’re constantly releasing teasers there right now.

Weki Meki released another teaser for their newest comeback ‘Lucky,’ and they’ve posted the 21st of February as what I can only assume as their comeback date.

Boy band Varsity officially have their fan color! It’s silver glitter, which is a combination of niagra and amethyst orchid.

WJSN have also released some teasers today and have released their comeback date as well, February 27th and the title, ‘Dream Your Dream.’

The East Light will be releasing a special Valentine’s Day single today (or they already did) so look forward to that.

Happiness, a subunit of LDH’s supergroup E-Girls are celebrating their 7th anniversary, so congratulations!

KAT-TUN has announced their new single, ‘Ask Yourself,’ which is much anticipated by fans, especially after member changes and a long hiatus. The single will be released on April 18th.

Namie Amuro has released the English Language documentary ‘NAMIE AMURO ~glorious days~’ and yes I saw that she released it the moment it happened because of reasons. It’s about 20 minutes long, just in case you wanted to know.


Earlier in the broadcast (just in case you’re reading this, and in fact, not listening), I said I was going to explain the differences in Asian and North American customs on Valentine’s day, and I will. The countries I’ll be focusing on are countries where the music we listen to comes from the most, so Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China and Hong Kong.

In Hong Kong, it’s strictly a couple thing, and you might get a valentine or go out to dinner with your significant other, but only them. It’s a romantic holiday only.

In South Korea, the girls buy chocolates for guys, it might be their boyfriends, friends or male coworkers, but its women giving and men receiving. That’s okay though, men have to put in all the work on White Day, which falls on the 14th in March. However, Korea has a TON of couple-centric holidays that fall on the 14th of the month, including Diary Day in January, Rose Day in May Kiss Day in June, Silver Day in July, Green Day in August, Photo Day in September, Wine Day in October, Movie Day in November and Hug Day in December.

Korea also has Black Day on April 14th, which is when singles eat black bean noodles, a Chinese dish adopted by Korea with fried noodles in black bean sauce with vegetables that you traditionally eat by yourself because you’re single and sad. April 14th here I come.

In Japan, it’s very similar to Korea. The women present men with presents/chocolates, and they in turn, also receive gifts/chocolates a month later on White Day. Ready-made chocolates are for people who they buy for obligatorily like coworkers or friends, and handmade chocolates are for boyfriends/husbands, etc. and

In Taiwan and China, they celebrate Valentine’s Day, White Day, and the 7th Day of the 7th month also known as the Qixi Festival, which is when single people go to temples and light incense and pray to meet their significant other. There’s also a tale about a cowherd and a weaver maiden involving a magpie bridge, but I’ll let you look that up for yourself.

In America, we exchange cards, chocolates, candies, stuffed animals, etc. You give them to your family, friends, boyfriend/girlfriend doesn’t matter really. In school we made boxes/baskets, we decorated them and we had little valentines cards that we taped candy to and we gave one to every classmate.

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