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What the Bop?!: Hello Again and Welcome Back!

It’s cold outside today, so let’s get snugly and update in K-Pop and J-Pop news while we listen to some tunes!

Listen to this week’s episode below:

Listen to “Hello Again and Welcome Back” on Spreaker.

And now for the news:

AKB48 member Yuka Tano, known for her bad attitude (apparently, I don’t listen to AKB48 enough to know member names and attitudes) has gone after Hallyu fans and South Korea in a recent live stream, negatively criticizing the makeup, fan culture, koreaboos (which lets be honest, koreaboos get on everyone’s nerves) and straight up assumed everyone there had had plastic surgery and…it was a mess. It was just a mess and then she released this half-assed apology on Twitter.

While everyone’s entitled to opinions, the wording is key, people.

In brighter news, legendary girl group Morning Musume came together with the original first generation members to release their 20th-anniversary mini album ‘Hatachi no Morning Musume’ hit number #1 in almost 15 years. The last time this happened it was 2003 with their 5th studio album, ‘No.5’

Girlkind already have a fan club name. Which is really shocking. Usually, they have to wait months, even years in F(x)’s case, to earn their fan club name. But, I’ll stop beating around the bush and tell you. It’s…Onekind. The hashtags left on their Instagram kind of give a hint to the meaning, ‘1shot, 1kill 1kind, like a diamond…’ or it really doesn’t make sense and just kinda goes with their names. But congrats! Girlkind debuted last month with ‘Fanci’ they are from Next Level Entertainment.

Weki Meki is making a comeback in two weeks, and I am super stoked for that. They’ve already started releasing teasers, so head over to their official Facebook page or other SNS accounts and check them out!

Teen Top are also preparing for a comeback.

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