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VAV ‘Spotlight’ MV

VAV came back with their latest mini-album, ‘Spotlight.’ Let them light up your life with their latest single! 

The song is super catchy and the music video is eye-catching. I love everything about this comeback.

The album also contains the pre-released track, ‘She’s Mine,’ as well as four new songs, ‘Spotlight,’ ‘Gorgeous,’ ‘Give It To Me,’ and ‘Winter Breeze.’

While beautiful, ‘Winter Breeze’ is the only ballad and the only song that isn’t in the electronic genre, so right after ‘Give It To Me’ the album just slams on the breaks instead of easing into anything and we end the album on a ballad. Which isn’t bad, it just doesn’t fit anywhere in the album as far as the genre goes.

Watch the music video below:

Like the song? Buy the song on iTunes! If you want a physical copy, grab yours at KTOWN4U!

While you’re at it, take a look at the fanchant for ‘Spotlight’ below:

These boys I swear, they’re such nerds!

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Source: A-Team Official (1), (2)

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