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BoA Returns With ‘NEGA DOLA’ MV

BoA, MY QUEEN, AND THE QUEEN OF K-POP hath returned with ‘NEGA DOLA‘ and as you can tell, I’m a wee bit excited.

She made her comeback almost a week ago. The music video went up on Naver six days ago, and on YouTube a day later.

But Jumping BoAs have made up for it and the music video now has over 1 million views.

But let’s stop talking about numbers, let’s talk about that guitar and how it makes me weak and that + BoA = me on the floor, a puddle of goo.


Watch the music video here:

Like the song? Buy it on iTunes! BoA will be releasing a mini album for the first time ever which means a repackage which means goodbye, wallet.

Like BoA?








Source: SMTOWN YouTube

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