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What The Bop?!: HAP…PINESS! Stop Being Dirty That’s A Red Velvet Reference!

I had to think about that pun for a second, and then second guess using it for a title, and then realized that my show is later in the day and my audience is geared more towards late teens and 20-somethings, so why not?

Listen to this week’s broadcast below:

Listen to “HAP…PINESS! Stop Being Dirty That’s A Red Velvet Reference!” on Spreaker.


And now for the news:

SHINee’s Jonghyun, BTS, VIXX’s Ravi all rank in top 5 of World Billboard Album Charts, as well as Momoland landing on the World Billboard Singles Chart with ‘Boom Boom.’

NCT unveil 3 new members making their debut this year, making their total members 18 so far

1st gen Nogizaka46 member Rina Ikoma announces graduation. A specific date hasn’t been announced, but the staff has thanked fans for support and ask that they support her until her graduation.

Koda Kumi has released the cover visual for her 15th studio album, ‘AND’ which will be released on February 28th. It will have four versions.

ANGERME to hold 1st overseas concert in France on June 3rd, 2018 through The Girls Live show, the concert will be held at the La Cigale theatre and the tickets are expected to begin sales on January 31st. The latest episode of Hello! Project Station announced that you can submit questions for the shows MCs via hellosute@gmail.com. Leave your name, question and the name of the MC you want to read your question.

The possible MCs are MM18’s Ayumi Ishida, ANGERME’s Ayaka WadaMoe Kamikokuryo, Kobushi Factory’s Ayaka Hirose and Tsubaki Factory’s Riko Yamagishi.

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