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RAINZ ‘Turn It Up’ MV

RAINZ are back with ‘Turn It Up,’ and I can hardly contain myself!

The costumes may be tacky, but the music is wonderful and my boys have done it again!

They’re dancing around and looking attractive in a run-down warehouse, which ya know, why not because tetanus isn’t real, right? Right.

I have a hint of sadness with this comeback, mostly because of an article I read on Soompi, where they were talking about how their contract only lasted one year, unlike the winners (Wanna One) their contract is only one year, not two.

They expressed how they wanted to stay together, and named Shinhwa, Highlight, and g.o.d as examples. T^T

Ooh, my poor little heart! Member Ju Won Tak added that they could become long-term if the fans wanted it (I WANT IT, I WANT IT) and they really want it too, because they don’t want to split up *cue my never ending tears.

Speaking of Highlight, Lee Gikwang produced their pre-release single, ‘Music Up,’ (GASP) and the members Lee Ki Won wrote, composed, and arranged ‘Turn It Up’ while fellow member Jang Dae Hyeon participated in writing the rap lyrics.

YAY! My talented babies! ❤ I hope you get what you want, and that we hear more from you in the future.

View the music video below:

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Daum Fan Cafe



Source: RAINZ Official YouTube

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