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What The Bop?!: Let’s Cheer Up

This week was an upbeat playlist, but on a bit of the short side due to the fact that I was feeling a bit out of it. With new releases, I hope it was good though.

Listen to the broadcast below:

Listen to “Let’s Cheer Up” on Spreaker.

And now for the news:

Jonghyun released his posthumous album, ‘Poet | Artist’ today, along with the title music video, ‘Shinin’.’ Take your time listening to it if you can’t yet. Don’t watch the music video if you’re not ready. It took me three watches to stop crying. I mean, I’ve cried on and off all day anyway.  But just in case. Take your time.

Rainz also released their album, ‘Shake you up.’

Red Velvet will be making a comeback in a few days. They’ve revealed some teasers with the title, ‘Bad Boy,’ dressed in red.

Oh My Girl takes first win on The Show with their latest comeback single, ‘Secret Garden’ so congratulations!

Ayumi Hamasaki is kicking off her 20th anniversary with an Arena tour.

Tomomi Itano returns with a brand new single, ‘Just as I Am‘ and photobook ‘Wanderer.’ The photobook will be released on February 19th and the single will be released on February 28th.

AV Idol duo Lolita Daydream, consisting of members Kena Kirari and Yui Makina will debut in February. They’ve already released their first single for streaming, ‘Blue Plaque’ which will be officially released on February 21st.


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