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TheEastLight. ‘Real Man’ Music Video

First of all, y’all are like, five so sit down. Secondly, stop that. Youngins these days and their rebellion *sits in my rocker.

TheEastLight. is back with their lead single, ‘Real Man,’ a song for noonas. Watch these snazzy youngins (wow, am I old or what?

Time to grab my saltines and tea and settle down for the winter in my rocker with my knitting) in their latest music video below:

The single album also contains two other songs, ‘Don’t Stop‘ and ‘Two of Us.’ You can pick it up on iTunes!

In all seriousness I was starting to wonder about their next release. They were one of my favorite rookie groups, and ‘I Got You‘ is still a favorite jam of mine. Can’t wait to see them do more!

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Source: Bugs! Official YouTube

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