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Uhm Jung Hwa: 초대 (Chodae)

I decided to download a bunch of Uhm Jung Hwa songs last week for reasons and this is one of my favorite ones. This one also has a music video. YAS.

초대 (Chodae)‘ was written by JYP and was featured on Uhm Jung Hwa’s fourth album, ‘Invitation,’ which was released on July 1st, 1998 and did very well that year despite (or thanks to) the controversy surrounding its suggestive nature.

Watch the music video because it’s a blessing and Uhm Jung Hwa has always been the extra diva that she is:


Like the song? Buy it on iTunes!

Like Uhm Jung Hwa? Of course you do, don’t kid yourself.





Source: Grandam1999 YouTube

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