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Girlkind Debut With ‘FANCI’ MV

Girlkind have been making waves in news headlines since before debut. Not necessarily because of their talent. Moreso because their PR departments skills seem…cheap. But I took a look at their debut music video and it’s something!

Girlkind debuted on January 17th from Nextlevel Entertainment with their debut single, ‘Fanci.’ Dubbed a hip-hop girl group, they veer towards more an r&b vibe but they just debuted.

They don’t sound bad and they’re good dancers, so I have hope for them.

Another thing I noticed while looking in the comments was that some girl [Yunnie] claims that she was in the group but got cut before debut. She says that you can still hear her vocals in the chorus and various other parts of the song. This was literally hours ago. However, her comment was blocked and/or deleted. so I’m going to link her YouTube channel here.

Watch their official music video here:


Like Girlkind? Buy their single on iTunes!

Also, follow their SNS







Source: BUGS! Official YouTube Channel

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