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TRCNG ‘Wolf Baby’ Practice Video

I feel like this came as the second coming of EXO‘s ‘Wolf,’ and was not disappointed. Here’s the practice video!

TRCNG is the 10 member rookie group from TS Entertainment, and they debuted last year with ‘Spectrum‘ and made their comeback recently with ‘Wolf Baby.’

As I said previously, the name implied [to me] that this was a second coming of EXO’s ‘Wolf,’ and I was not disappointed. It’s a lot less cringey, but maybe their team learned from EXO idk (I’m an EXO-L, and I’ve been there since pre-debut so shush I’ll make all the comparisons I want).

The song is catchy af and the dancing is pretty on point. Also, I haven’t seen anyone use that set since 2010 when Taeyang of BIGBANG used it for ‘I’ll Be There,’ so that’s a nice throwback.

Watch the music video here:


Earlier (like four hours ago) they released the dance practice, so take a look at that as well:

Like the song? Buy their latest release on iTunes and KTOWN4U!





V Live

Official Daum Cafe



Source: TS Official YouTube

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