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My Favorite Male K-Pop Debuts of 2017

Here we are again, a bit late, but I’ll never falter on this. There’s too much love to share, and there’s plenty of new boys to love and adore, throw money and feelz at, so let’s get started!


This was a group that I saw teasers for through my friend Dara, and I’m so glad I did, they’re very talented. They debuted with ‘Cactus‘ on May 23rd.


Golden Child 

These boys are from Woolim Entertainment and they debuted on August 28th with their first mini album, ‘Gol-cha!‘ and their debut single, ‘Damdadi.’



IN2IT are the result of the reality elimination show that created Boys24. They debuted with ‘Amazing,’ which was also the title of their mini album.

I love their sound and the music video was really nice as well. Very aesthetically pleasing. A+



JBJ come from Produce 101 and are meant to act as a ‘brother group’ much like I.B.I to I.O.I did. They were voted as trainees that the audience would like to see debut together. They’ve already released a mini album, ‘Fantasy‘ on October 18th and are making preparations for their first comeback.

Their initial contract is for 10 months, but LOEN has expressed that they are open to any sort of discussion to extend their contracts.



This is Nu’Est‘s first sub-unit since Nu’Est-M and was created to begin promotions while Minhyun was contracted in Wanna One (he’s still got another year). They debuted on October 10th with ‘W, Here‘ and the title song ‘Where U At.’

This song was my constant jam and still is. I love Nu’Est with all my heart and I’m so glad they’ve gotten a new start with all our new L.O./\.E.s thanks to Minhyun on Produce 101.



You may have also noticed that I’m a tad infatuated with these boys, who are also rejected contestants from Produce 101. They are contracted to Kiss Entertainment and debuted on October 12th with their album, ‘Sunshine‘ and title single, ‘Juliette.’

The song is super funky, retro and everything I could want. I love them so much. Here I go, into the pit with me now. They are currently making preparations for a comeback and recently changed their logo.


Seven O’Clock

They debuted on March 16th with their debut mini album, ‘Butterfly Effect‘ and their debut single, ‘Echo.’

A big reason they made a splash last year (at least in my friend circles) is that one of the members resembles T.O.P from BIGBANG.

The group are good in their own right, however and I hope that they make a comeback soon.


The Boyz

They debuted on December 6th with their mini album, ‘The First,’ and their debut single, ‘Boy.’ They’ve also had their own reality show ‘Flower Snack,’ held a fan meeting, have a contract with Skoolooks uniform company, contract with cosmetics brand Siero Cosmetics and they’ve already signed with Sony Entertainment for their Japanese promotions.

They’re on a roll and once you take a look at their debut music video you’ll see why.



These 10 boys are from TS Entertainment, home of B.A.P and Sonamoo. They debuted on October 10th with their debut mini album, ‘New Generation’ and title single, ‘Spectrum.’

They recently made a comeback with their single album, ‘Who Am I?’ with their title single, ‘Wolf Baby.’


~Honorable Mention~


Honestly, I don’t consider this a debut because Highlight have been around since 2009, but since they were on the debut list, that and if anyone new is reading this, I want you to know about them.

Highlight used to be a group called B2ST (BEAST) but in 2016 member Hyunseung left the group and the group left the company. After trying to get their name back, they and their new company just decided to rebrand into Highlight.

They debuted under AroundUs Entertainment on March 20th with their mini album, ‘Can You Feel It?‘ featuring the title single, ‘Plz Don’t Be Sad.’

I saw them at KCONNY and when they broke out into ‘Good Luck‘ we all started screaming, my group was crying, I was a mess. I had always wanted to see them and I have. It was beautiful and I can’t wait to see them again.

These have been my favorite male rookies of 2017. Who’s your favorite? Comment below!

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