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My Favorite K-Pop Girl Group Debuts of 2017

To my ladies~ The girl groups that debuted this year have really ruled my life, no joke. Aside from G-Friend having me in a choke hold, these are the girls that stole my heart this year.


Produced by first generation girl group member Kan Mi Youn of Baby VOX, Hashtag debuted on October 11th as a seven member girl group with their debut mini album, ‘The Girl Next Door‘ featuring their title single, ‘Hue.’



These girls have had me since their pre-debut teasers and I love them so much. I bought their debut album while on my California vacation, and I’ve actually donated to their comeback album project on Makestar. I can’t wait for their comeback, I’m waiting for you!

They debuted on July 26th with their debut mini album, ‘Puzzle of Pop,’ featuring their debut single, ‘Catch You.’



Pristin have 1o members and debuted on March 21st with their debut album, ‘Hi! Pristin‘ with their debut single, ‘Wee Woo.’ They’ve also released a second mini album titled ‘Schxxl Out‘ featuring the title single ‘We Like.’


Weki Meki 

I actually found this group by complete accident. There was a video of one of the members visiting this girl who was taking care of her mom, and so I decided to look them up.

Turns out, several of their members were in I.O.I, and they debuted shortly afterward. The girls blew me away and I was instantly in love.

They debuted on August 8th with their debut mini album, ‘WEME‘ and their title track, ‘I Don’t Like Your Girlfriend.’

According to the official Gaon Music Chart, they sold over 47,000 copies of their debut album. This marked them as the highest selling debut album by a girl group in 2017!



Favorite debuted on July 5th with their debut mini album, ‘My Favorite‘ with the title track, ‘Party Time.’



Dreamcatcher is actually a redistribution and re-debut of MINX. They re-debuted as Dreamcatcher on January 13th with ‘Nightmare‘ with their title track, ‘Chase Me.’

They’ve since released a second single album, ‘Fall Asleep Mirror‘ and a mini album, ‘Prequel.’



LOONA is a girl group from Blackberry Creative, a subsidary of Polaris Entertainment. They began debuting members in 2016 and are up to 10 members out of 12. They’ve also debuted two sub-units (LOONA 1/3 and LOONA Odd Eye Circle). My favorite members so far are YeoJin, Yves and Chuu.

Watch the first unit debut, LOONA 1/3 ‘Love&Live


Last but not least, my babies. I don’t know if I love them the most out of all the girl groups that have debuted this year, but along with P.O.P, they’re the only girl group who’s debut album I have.


Elris debuted with Hunus Entertainment (ToppDogg, Romeo) on June 1st with their debut mini album, ‘We, First‘ and their debut single of the same name.

They have since released a second mini album, ‘Color Crush‘ with a title single, ‘Pow Pow.’


Who was your favorite girl group debut this year? Let me know in the comments below!

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