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CL Releases Official Audio For ‘All In’

Thanks to the push from CL on New Years, Made Management has released the official audio to CL’s 2016 unreleased single, ‘All In.’

On New Years Eve, CL posted to Instagram lamenting about how she couldn’t give anything to fans, and that she was risking a lot to show us what she had, but that it was worth it to her to fulfill her promise.

To do that, she took two clips from an unreleased music video from 2016 (at the time of the post it was 2017 and she said that it was filmed ‘last year’). Her post quickly went viral in the K-Pop community.

On average, a regular K-Pop star releases material at least 2-3 times per year. Since CL went to America and has been under management by Scooter Braun (Justin Bieber, PSY) she’s released four singles and has featured on one song.

Hello Bi+ches‘ was released in 2015, along with ‘Dr. Pepper,’ and ‘Lifted‘ was released in 2016. She did go on tour (Hello Bitches Tour) kicking off in New York, US and ending in Toronto, Canada.

In 2017 she and Shaiana featured on Lil Yachty‘s ‘Surrender,’ an exclusive bonus track from his ‘Teenage Emotions‘ album. This version of the album was exclusively sold at Target stores. Later that year she released the single, ‘No Better Feelin’,’ which was featured on the ‘My Little Pony: The Movie‘ soundtrack.

In Korea in 2016, she featured on ‘₩1,000,000‘ with G-Dragon, Okasian, and BeWhy, as well as featuring on YG label-mate PSY’s single, ‘Daddy.’

I felt the need to list out what she’s done in America to point out the what I would consider ‘inactivity’ for someone as an artist from Korea. I’m sure she expected to do more as well, which is why she risked so much to show us this single.

There’s no news yet of an official release of the song or video, so stay tuned!



Source: Made Management Official YouTube

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