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What the Bop?!: Happy New Year!

It’s the first live broadcast of 2018! I just picked a bunch of favorites so tune in~!

The first episode of the new year came, and I’ll be honest I was totally distracted. I’m back binging dramas, and currently it’s ‘Queen In Hyun’s Man.’ I’m halfway through it and I’ll be a mess when I finish it tomorrow.

I also made an oopsie. You can hear it around the 19 minute mark, I totally forgot to turn my mic off and I switched my drama back on. Whoops!~

Anywho, everything else went off fine.

Take a listen to this week’s episode:

Listen to “Happy New Year!” on Spreaker.



Three members of Keyakizaka46 collapsed during their performance of “Fukyouwaon” on Kouhaku. This is their second performance of the song featuring a collaboration with main host Uchimura Teruyoshi.

During the performance, member Hirate Yurina was already seen shaking and breathing hard. In a pose with Uchimura, her hands were trembling hard and she couldn’t pose properly. At the end of the performance, Suzumoto Miyu fainted during the final triangle formation. Hirate Yurina and another member, Shida Manaka also collapsed in the end.

According to NHK, the three members were diagnosed with hyperventilation and were attended by a nurse and physical condition recovered. They were not transported to the hospital and rested in the dressing room.

Former E-Girls member and current member of Flower and ShuuKaRen, Fujii Shuuka will be retiring from the entertainment industry to focus on other activities due to a cervical herniated disc that shows no signs of improvement. She wishes to take up fashion, photography and art. We wish her well in all her future endeavors.

KAT-TUN will be making their long awaited comeback in 2018! The group is ending their charging period which started on May 2016 and will ‘restart’ in 2018 with the theme song to member Kamenashi Kazuya’s drama “FINAL CUT” titled “Ask Yourself”. In addition to that, the group will be holding Tokyo Dome performances in April.

The group entered a charging period in May 2016 after member Taguchi Junnosuke left in March of that year. KAT-TUN will continue with the remaining 3 members

CL gives absolutely no fucks this morning when she dropped not one, but TWO clips of her unreleased American single. On her Instagram account, she stated that,

I remember this time last year, I promised myself I would put new music out in 2017. I know you’ve all been waiting and I wanted to end the year with a gift to you guys. This video is something I shot over a year ago and it may or may not ever come out but I always loved it and was sad that it never got a chance to make it to you guys. Showing this little bit that I am may get me in trouble but it’s worth the risk to give you something and keep my promise. I’m all in. Happy New Year, Love CL

With that, she posted two small video clips of her unreleased single, which sounds really good. I’m assuming the title of the song is “I’m All In” or “All In.” If you haven’t already, head over to her Instagram, and take a look. They’re actual posts not stories, so go ahead they won’t disappear.

Park Hyo Shin swept up all the real time charts with his latest release, ‘Sound of Winter’

G-dragon is rumored to be dating former After School member, Lee Joo Yeon. However, Lee Joon and Jung So Min who are currently co-starring on ‘Father is Strange’ are in fact confirmed to be in a relationship, so congratulations.

Nu’Est have revealed their official colors, which are deep teal and vivid pink!

And last but not least, Alphabat will be touring Europe this year! They’ll be touring four cities:London, Paris, Warsaw and Cologne starting on January 29th and ending on March 2nd.

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