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Friday Flicks: Code: Realize: Guardian of Rebirth

I needed another anime to watch while I waited for updates from ‘The Ancient Magus’ Bride’ and I found this Steampunk gem!

Code:Realize: Guardian of Rebirth‘ is based off an otomo game (dating-sim) and it contains historical and literary figures and I think that’s just awesome.

The game was initially released in Japan in 2014, followed by its US release the following year, and European release a day after the US release. It was recently (August, 2017) released for Playstation 4 in Japan, but there has yet to be a US or European release for the platform.

Synopsis: Cardia is a girl who possesses a toxin that melts everything she touches. Feared as a monster, she spent her days in isolation. One night, just as she is about to be captured by the British army, she meets a man who calls himself the gentleman thief, Arsène Lupin. She arrives at London, where she meets many people and experiences many things. In her adventures with Lupin, she comes close to discovering the truth about her body and her missing memories. What is the truth that this so-called “monster” of a girl finds?

Watch the trailer below:


If you like what you see, you can watch the series on Crunchyroll!

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