Random Happiness · Unboxing Review

December SnackFever Unboxing [Video]

It’s that time again~ SnackFever has graced my doorstep and it’s time to unbox my goodies!

Wow, that line sounded weird, but it’s late and I’m on a roll. We got a cute pair of socks in our SnackFever box this month, I just took them out the day before and forgot to show them on camera.

I also got a new camera, so now I have different degrees of quality (like 720) instead of mediocre quality (like 480). And a tripod, that’s nice. Honestly, I bought it because it was on sale and had a phone attachment. It was less than $10.

Anyway, you’re here for snacks, so go ahead and watch the unboxing below:


Get your own SnackFever box here!

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