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BoA ‘Jazz Club’ MV

Of course I saw that my Queen made a comeback, ARE YOU CRAZY???? BoA, the light of my life, has released a music video for her title track, ‘Jazz Club.’

The song itself is pretty catchy, and of course BoA and her signature dance moves take the spotlight, after the cringe inducing English dialogue that seemed super rushed and extremely fake.

I love you BoA, but that was terrible.

This, like I said, is the title track to her 14th Japanese album, ‘Am I Okay Like This?,’ which is being released on February, 14th, 2018!

There are few things BoA hasn’t done, and I think jazz/swing is one of them, but she of course, pulls it off nicely.

Watch the music video below:


Like BoA?







Source: SMTOWN YouTube

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