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What the Bop?!: Return From the Sick Bed!

I was sick for over a week and at one point I couldn’t talk (Tuesday before last, which is why I couldn’t do the show) but I came back with a small vengeance!

I don’t know if ‘small vengeance’ made sense but a week off of the radio and I felt like I was learning it all over again. That and my computer decided to malfunction and not show any of the song titles or let me search for anything so I saw a bunch of music icons and copied them to my playlist. I had to restart the computer like three times before it even began functioning properly. The fact that I started on time was a miracle in and of itself.

Small snippets of news from last week:

LOONA have debuted the newest member Yves with their music video for the single ‘New

Boy band BLK have debuted with “Hero,”

G-Friend have released plans for their first ever solo concert

EXILE’s Atsushi will be holding a two day live at the Kyocera dome in Osaka

SCANDAL (girl group) is releasing their 8th album and will be holding a hall tour

BoA will be releasing a new Japanese album and will go on tour in Japan starting in March.

Take a listen to the show with last week’s playlist before I go on air tomorrow with this week’s playlist:

Listen to “Return From The Sick Bed!” on Spreaker.

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