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Namie Amuro Rocks The Jailhouse In ‘Showtime’ MV

Namie Amuro, the Queen of J-Pop, my queen, is not going out quietly. She’s released the music video for “Showtime” and it’s a loud, catchy dance track.

Namie Amuro’s single, “Showtime” is the theme song for TBS‘ dram, “Kangoku no Ohimesama,” which you can see in between clips of my queen.

This is from her final album, “Finally,” and her 25th anniversary happened this year. I’m crying as I write this because I’m a giant baby but I love her so much but she deserves a nice retirement I’m going to miss her and her releases so much.

Now that my meltdown is over, watch the music video below:


Order Namie Amuro’s final album, “Finally” on CDJapan (out of First Press) or Amazon (currently out of stock).

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Source: Namie Amuro Official YouTube Channel

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