Unboxing Review

October SnackFever Unboxing [Video]

I tried for a Halloween upload, but alas, my phone took the video hostage. So we’ll have to settle for a Dia de Los Muertos upload. It came, it was slightly disappointing, and I am hoping for better still.

So, this is the second box from SnackFever since they started shipping from Korea. While I’m glad that I’m getting my box sooner, three of my big products in this box were crushed. I have never had this problem before, and USPS has delivered it to me before when it was being delivered from K-Town in California.

Now don’t get me wrong. I love the variety that they’re giving us now that they’re in South Korea. The variety of swag: stickers, games, key chains, the different snacks. It’s all good. I just wish it wasn’t getting squished to death before getting to me.

This month’s swag included stickers, wet/stick-on tattoos, spot masks and a puzzle toy! Watch my unboxing below:


Want your own box? Get one here! I know I complained about getting crushed product, but I hope they fix that soon. Bubble wrap or something, because I really do like SnackFever.

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