Unboxing Review

Ktown4U Chuseok Haul #1: XIA Junsu’s ‘Tarantellegra’ Concert Tour DVD

During Chuseok, an autumn festival holiday in Korea, Ktown4U had an outrageous sale on some DVDs and albums that I took full advantage of. However, since my phone likes to malfunction any prices that I mention in the videos are no longer applicable and I do apologize.

I was unboxing this and forgot about the book, so when I was finished unboxing all the products I added the last part in. Whoops! So glad I was able to purchase this when I did. I usually don’t purchase stuff like this because of the pricing, but I couldn’t help myself.

All products came in pristine condition, wrapped generously in bubble wrap not to mention the product’s own packaging.

Watch the video below:


Get yours here!


*Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by Ktown4U, I just really like their product selection and have never had a bad ordering experience to date. All products were purchased with my own money from my full time job and videos were made on my own time and dime.

My phone (iPhone, sadly. IT WAS CHEAP, OKAY??) held the videos hostage and by the time I got them off and edited them it was halfway through October and I was trying to stagger uploads and forgot about them. Due to this, the prices that I mention in the video may differ and/or may have reverted to their original pricing.

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