Weekly Segments · What the Bop?! Radio Show

What the Bop?!: Coffee AU But With New Jamz Too

For this week I was going for a coffee shop vibe, but I also wanted y’all to hear some of my new favorite songs.

I was more on time than ever this week (15 minutes late thanks to technical issues, but still), still working on better planning processes but my new meds are finally hitting a personal rhythm and I’m getting better than back to normal.

There were a lot of teasers for girl groups with comebacks/collabs/solos and a couple of men made some comebacks, but other than that it’s been a quiet week, or so it seemed. I haven’t watched any dramas or any anime trying to get a hold of myself and whatnot, so I didn’t talk about anything like that this week.

As stated in the show, I start at 7 pm CST on Tuesdays, see you next week and hopefully I’ve done more than gone to work and slept by then. Listen to this week’s episode below:

Listen to “Coffee Shop AU But With New Jamz Too” on Spreaker.https://widget.spreaker.com/widgets.js

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