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Look at My New BBYS: RAINZ

The second season of Produce 101 have given us some great boy bands! One of them is my new favorite group, RAINZ

RAINZ is made up from 7 contestants from this latest season of Produce 101, a newly popular K-Pop elimination show that in its first season gave us I.O.I. In turn, groups that debuted from contestants from the first season or gained popularity/members after they got back are DIA, Pristin, Weki Meki, Gugudan, Cosmic girls, Chung Ah (s0loist), April, AS 1 (As One; Hong Kong girl group), Momoland, and CLC just to name a few.

The boys affected by season 2 of Produce 101 most notably are: Nu’Est (Minhyuk is in the winner group, Wanna One which in turn spawned Nu’est’s latest sub-unit Nu’Est-W), Topp DoggJJCC, The East Light, N.Flying, MXMLongguo & Shihyun, AA, Jang Moon Bok (solo; performing as JMVOK), Samuel from Brand New Ent. (former SVT trainee; solo), JBJ will be debuting soon and RAINZ has debuted as stated previously.

So now that the explanation is over and done with, let’s get back to RAINZ, ma bbys. They debuted yesterday with their single, “Juliette” and I love them already. They have a sort of 1980’s American backtrack to their single and the music video is a virtual reality video game theme and I just love them so much it’s so great I’m getting emotional already.

I don’t have a bias yet, but I just love them so much already.

Watch the music video below:


Like the song? You can buy it on iTunes and Ktown4U!





Daum Fan Cafe



Source: Rainz Official YouTube

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