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KARD in Minneapolis Experience: Vlog Playlist

It’s been forever and a day, but don’t think I forgot about telling you guys about this.

This trip was not as spontaneous as my other KARD trip so you’d think it would go smoother. Well, not when you work a full day, ask someone who’s never driven to Minneapolis to drive you to Minneapolis and then you miss the night out with KARD in Minneapolis the night before the concert, figure out you haven’t actually paid for the hotel when you thought you did and then forget to schedule and print off your bus pass in order to go home.

Yeah. And altogether, this was like, a two day trip. OTL.

Watch the videos below:


So yeah. The best part was meeting Sam and making new friends. I mean, aside from KARD touching my album and signing it and talking to me and seeing them perform and whatnot. I have an in depth experience post here, but I wanted a post for my vlogs just so y’all know I did vlog during this. it’s just that my phone has been taking my videos hostage and not letting them go for weeks/months at a time.

Also, here’s the KARD in Minneapolis Sing-a-long:

Want the album? Buy it on iTunes or Ktown4u!

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