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Elris Go For Your Heart in ‘Pow Pow’ MV

Elris is a girl group from Hunus (home to Romeo and ToppDogg as well) Entertainment, and they’ve made a splash with their second mini album, “Color Crush.”

Elris’ second music video is extremely vivid in color and feels so different compared to their view. Dare I say it’s very 2017. Even if it does follow the current trend in color and sound, the girls bring their charms and make it worth a watch and listen.

Watch the music video below:


Watch the performance version here:


Watch the behind-the-scenes footage here:


Like the song? Buy it on iTunes or get it on Ktown4U!

Like Elris?



Twitter (Elris Staff)


Daum Cafe



Source: Elris Official YouTube: 1,2,3

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